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  • Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past Collector's Edition

    For many years, a war has raged between your father’s kingdom and that of the Elven King, but now the tide has suddenly turned, and your father has been imprisoned!..

  • Moai 2: Path to Another World

    To save his beloved, a ruler must take up arms and pursue his adversary across three magical realms. With adventure to spare, an inspiring story of destiny, and gameplay that will hold you in a grip of excitement, Moai 2: Path to Another World is an instant classic!

  • Reflections of Life 2: Equilibrium Collectors Edition

    You've been summoned to Creatos to save Princess Espera, who has been attacked and ensnared by magical vines. But when a group of strange monsters arrives suddenly and captures the Queen, you quickly realize that the princess' plight was just a distraction.

  • Midnight’s Blessing

    Sidni Larkhearst lived a simple life, delivering messages for her village, until her home is attacked by vampires one night. To her horror, Sidni learns that Dracula, the most feared vampire of all time is hunting her. But why?

  • Myths of the World 6: The Heart of Desolation Collector's Edition

    It was just supposed to be a routine mission. Fly in, drop supplies, and fly out. But when a dragon attacks your plane, crash-landing in a lush valley, you're drawn into the adventure of a lifetime!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Download RHaunted Hotel: Eternity CE
It was supposed to be an easy assignment: protect a famous philanthropist and earn $100,000. What could be easier? No one would want to hurt a bumbling professor. Apparently, someone does. They want him dead, and they're willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Trapped inside an abandoned hotel filled with deadly puzzles, can you survive and save the professor? Or will the Eternity Hotel become your final resting place? Outwit the masked mastermind running this hotel and uncover the dark secrets the professor has been hiding from the world. Who will you side with? Find out in this heart-pounding thriller!
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Download Amulet of Dreams
Inseparable from childhood, Aiden and Alison were like brother and sister, and Alison’s sudden illness was a huge blow for Aiden. Nobody could diagnose the cause, and as the doctors threw up their hands in dismay, the girl withered with each passing day. It wasn’t until Alison was too weak to get up from her bed that she chanced sharing with Aiden her secret - that she was the Queen of Magical Realm, a realm inaccessible to rationally thinking grownups. Help the brave boy complete the six kingdoms of the Magical Realm and save Queen Alison and her faithful servants, enslaved by a dark sorcerer, to not only restore her reign, but also her life in the seventh kingdom - our world. You will have help on this path: the Amulet of Worlds to serve as a portal connecting the edges of reality, and a small Goblin to squeeze into places no human could.
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Brownies Platinum Edition
Imagine your living room overgrown by firs and pines, the bathroom has overflown the banks, the bedroom is bogged down, and office taken over by castle ruins... Sounds incredible? Not for the land of the brownies, it isn’t! Here, familiar things are deeply intertwined with a fairytale landscape, creating breath-taking scenery. Dive into a fascinating story, in which the mundane is deeply intertwined with magic! Befriend the brownies and challenge the evil Boggart!
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Download Alien Breed 3: Descent
Alien Breed 3: Descent is the final explosive chapter in the Alien Breed™ series, and is a science fiction arcade-shooter with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons and stunning environments, developed using Epic Games' Unreal® Engine 3.
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Download Animism: The Book of Emissaries
Unlock the mysteries shrouding the creatures of Oxbridge University! Investigate with the lovely Khakisa Darkwater and her love-struck companion, the somewhat dashing and somewhat dorky Declan Grey as they match wits with the otherworldly denizens of this strange place.
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Download Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collector's Edition
Your father’s illness has taken a turn for the worse. Now only the fabled Rose of Life can cure him, but it grows only in a kingdom far from your home. And you aren’t the only one after it. The powerful witch Claudine craves its rejuvenating powers, and has stolen it from a prince, cursing his kingdom. She’ll stop at nothing to make sure she’s the only one who can use the Rose. Team up with the prince and work together to stop Claudine.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Download - Labyrinths of the World 2: Forbidden Muse
The second chapter of "Labyrinths of the World" series from DominiGames and Big Fish.
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Download - Dead Reckoning 3: The Crescent Case
The third chapter of "Dead Reckoning" series from Eipix Entertainment and Big Fish.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Download Mystery of Neuschwanstein
In a world famous castle, a mysterious unsolved death of a romantic king points to a murky network of conspiracies. What more does a journalist need to guarantee a gripping story – possibly Pulitzer potential?
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Download Cooking Academy: Fire and Knives
Grab your oven mitts and don your chef's hat! Cooking Academy is the game that places you in the kitchens of a prestigious culinary school! From eggrolls to pancakes, to crème brulee, it`s up to you to prepare over 50 different recipes!
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Download Fortune's Tavern: The Fantasy Tavern Simulator
Every great RPG has its tavern: where heroes meet, rumours are told, quests are undertaken, and beer is supped by the gallon… but could you manage such a place?
Jump into the role of a fantasy-world tavern keeper: where you will need to renovate an ailing tavern, chat to hundreds of unique guests, manage a stables full of magical creatures, oversee the battle pit, hire heroes or villains to help hunt down magical tavern items like the Mythril Spork of Fortune, and try to keep the drunken guests from trashing the place.