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  • Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector’s Edition

    Finding out might make your career… or send you to the bottom of the sea. Set a course for mystery in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

  • Islands Defense

    Get ready for modern battles! Defend your islands against evil invaders in jungles!

  • Maze: Subject 360 Collector’s Edition

    You wake up in a strange room, and an eerie child’s voice tells you you’ve been given a test. Can you pass it? Do you even want to?..

  • Elendia Ceus

    What lies beneath the skies? This is a question nobody in the cloud world of Elendia wants answered - nobody but one man, LaCaster, who lost his wife as she passed to the other side...

  • Invasion: Lost in Time

    Enjoy Invasion: Lost in Time and find yourself in Ancient Egypt, visit a caveman, set foot on the mysterious planets Shukaras and Torion.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Download Safecracker + Strategy Guide
As an expert safecracker, you are hired by the wealthy family of a recently deceased billionaire to search for the last will and testament of their late relative, Duncan W. Adams. An avid safe collector and an "eccentric" to say the least, Adams has hidden the deed to his riches in one of the 35 safes scattered in his extravagant mansion. The stakes are high. Use your expertise, wits, and puzzle solving skills to crack them all and earn your pay check!
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Download RealMYST
Experience the world of realMyst in 3D! Solve perplexing puzzles and return to one of the most popular PC games of all time! Swaying trees and independently roaming animals add life to the formerly static Myst worlds. The realMYST game includes the complete original Myst game, along with an all-new fifth age, called the Rime Age, which provides a complete ending to the original mystery.
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Download Threads of Destiny
A young girl has the ability to completely heal anyone with a simple touch. Follow Illya and her two brothers on a quest to understand the gift she’s been given.
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Download Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Immerse yourself in Ancient Egypt from the age of the great pyramids to the final years of the New Kingdom. Govern all aspects of the exotic Egyptian, culture from religion to trading with distant cities. Cultivate vast farms in the Nile valley and discover the important role this river, with its unpredictable floods, played in the life of the Egyptians. Stone by stone, erect giant monuments - from the Sphinx, to the lighthouse and library of Alexandria.
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Download Archie: Riverdale Rescue
Archie and his pals need YOU to help rescue Riverdale! Play as Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, and dozens of favorite classic comic-book characters. Personalize, decorate, make Riverdale your own – while creating new relationship and completing fun quests and interesting tasks. Loaded with original artwork and comic content you can't find anywhere else – the whole family is sure to love this fun-filled city building sim. Help save Riverdale while helping yourself to heaps of Fun! Oh and of course, don't forget – you get to help Archie choose: Betty or Veronica!
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Download Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 3
They've done it again! The maniacal minds at GameHouse have sifted through hundreds of card games and found 10 more fantastic Solitaire games! Whether you like the challenge of Scorpion or just a relaxing game of Concentration, you'll love these new single-player card games. Perfect for forgetting the troubles of the day, or sneaking in a quick game on the side.
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Download Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 2
Thanks to amazing advances in technology you can now sneak in a solitaire game, right on your PC, the minute your boss turns around. Volume 2 of this series brings you an amazing collection of even more challenging games. What are you waiting for? No one's looking.

Friday, August 14, 2015

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Download Paradise Quest
Deep within the beautiful Galapagos archipelago, drastic climate changes have adversely affected the majestic island of Isabela. Play as Dr. Evan Finch to re-establish life in this once magnificent and flourishing retreat. Embark on a wild Match 3 adventure as you revive lush vegetation, restore a mighty animal kingdom, photograph its renewal, and recover the secrets of a lost island in Paradise Quest.
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Download Hollywood Tycoon
It`s up to you to re-build your late uncle Irving`s movie studio and achieve Hollywood fame! Immerse yourself behind the scenes, as you build and manage your very own Hollywood studio. Make vital decisions on which script to purchase, which actors to hire, and how much to invest in the hopes of producing a blockbuster! Hollywood Tycoon will test your Strategy game skills as you climb your way to the top.
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Alpha Kimori Great Doubt: Episode One
Alpha Kimori Great Doubt: Episode One is the first of a trilogy of bright and colorful Japanese Anime inspired story-driven episodic 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.
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Download Summer Resort Mogul
Create a world-class getaway in Summer Resort Mogul! Start small with a couple of bungalows and a restaurant, and then add movie theaters, dance clubs, swimming pools, and more to entertain your guests. Use your Time Management talents to make smart decisions with regard to workers and supplies, upgrade the buildings you own to make them even more profitable, and do a little marketing, and your resort will be second to none!
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Download Burger Fiesta
Welcome to Burger Fiesta - an exciting game for true lovers of burgers, sandwiches and snacks! It's your chance to try your hand in managing a burger shop of your own. Serve customers and make sure all their wishes are fulfilled. Your daily routine goes as follows: a customer orders a burger with sausage, for example. The order of the ingredients is always important for your clients, so make sure you put them right.
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Download Cate West: The Velvet Keys
Help the celebrated novelist, Cate West, find a dangerous murderer in this exciting Hidden Object game! This thrilling sequel to Cate West: The Vanishing Files, follows Cate to Damasca, where she discovers a new mystery. Gather the items required to forge the enigmatic Velvet Keys and crack the case. A cinematic atmosphere, incredible graphics and addictive gameplay await you in Cate West: The Velvet Keys!